Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

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savita bhabhi

1.1 Patels’ living room: Ashok sitting reading newspaper, SB behind excited reading a letter saying “Ashok, the prize for the beauty contest has come in! It’s a two nights stay at a hill resort!”. Ashok still reading his paper and not looking up says “Hmmm” (savita wearing salwar)
1.2 View of SB with an excited look on her face reading the letter “We can go anytime before the end of this month”
1.3 Ashok and Savita looking at each other. Ashok says “I can’t make it. It’s too busy in the office now. You go with a friend”
1.4 Savita looking dissapointed. Says “Ok. Hmm.. maybe I’ll take the girl who got me in the contest along”

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