Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

Page 12

savita bhabhi

12.1 Jai staring at Savita’s boobs. His hand is now on his hardon rubbing it thru the pants. Savita looking at him thinking “Gosh! He is so horny. He’s rubbing himself through his pants.”
12.2 Savita with a sexy look asking Jai “Have you ever touched a woman before, Jai?” Jai replies “No”
12.3 Savita holding Jai’s hand (the hand which is not on his dick) and gently pulling him towards her. Savita saying “Come here and feel my boobs.” — “See how soft they are”
12.4 Jai now next to SB with both his hands feeling her boobs. He is staring at them with lust. His hardon even larger. Savita’s head backwards, eyes closed with a look of enjoyment on her face saying “Mmmmmmm”

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