Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

Page 17

savita bhabhi

17.1 Savita holding her boobs in her hands and looking at Jai. Says “Ok Jai, you can come here and touch these if you want”
17.2 Jai carresing one of SB’s boobs in each of his hands. Says “Oh god, I’ve always fantasized about doing something like this” — “Your breasts are so soft”
17.3 Savita feeling Jai’s hardon thru his pants. Saying “Hmm.. and your dick is so hard. You’ve got a realy big dick Jai”
17.4 Jai still holding Savita’s boobs thrusts his dick into Savita’s palms leaning backwards. His eyes closed saying “Ahhhhh…yessss”

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