Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

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savita bhabhi

23.1 View of Savita from Jai’s eyes. Savita is playing with her pussy. Her eyes are closed and she seems to be enjoying it. Savita saying “Hmmmm, this feels go good. My pussy is so wet already”
23.2 View of both of them. Jai looking at Savita fingering herself and he is wanking off. Jai saying “Oh, this is hotter than anything I see on video.” — “I’m almost about to cum”
23.3 Scene from behind Jai of Savita still fingering her pussy and looking at Jai. Savita says “What else do you want me to do baby?”
23.4 Jai saying “I want to see you lick your own boobs” — “Suck on your nipples”
23.5 Savita has her right hand inside her pussy and left hand is holding one of her boobs to her mouth. Her tongue is on the tip of her nipple.

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