Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

Page 24

savita bhabhi

24.1 View from Jai’s eyes. Savita still with her boobs near her mouth. Looking at the camera with a sexy look and saying “Oh Jai, I’m imagining it’s you licking my boobs and pushing your fingers deep inside my pussy” — “Oh! I’m so wet, I’m dripping”
24.2 Jai with a pained look on his face screaming out “Oh God, I’m cumming!!!”
24.3 Scene of Jai and Savita. Jai’s hand still on his dick. There is a shot of cum hitting Savita’s face. Savita saying “Yes baby, cum on me…” — “Empty your juices on your bhabhi!”
24.4 Scene showing Shobha looking thru the small opening in the door. One of her hands is down near her pussy. We can also see Jai’s second cum shot hitting Savita’s boobs. Shobha thinking “I’ve never seen a man cum before. It’s making me feel funny down there”

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