Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

Page 26

savita bhabhi

26.1 Jai is now pounding Savita’s pussy from behind. His dick is completely inside. Jai saying “Ahhh, its gone completely inside” — “It’s so hot and wet”
26.2 View from the window of the compartment of the scene. Savita saying “Yes, enjoy it baby.” — “It’s the thought of being the first woman you’ve fucked thats made me so wet”
26.3 Different view of the fucking. Savita shouting “Fuck me Jai, fuck me” – “Push that hard virgin cock inside my pussy”
26.4 View from inside the cabin of Shobha looking at the scene from outside the door. The door is open a little more. We can see Shobha’s hand on her pussy now. Her eyes are wide open and she is enjoying the scene in front of her. One of her hands is down on her pussy, the other is on her breast. She is thinking “This is making me wet in my pussy” — “My panties are drenched”

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