Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

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savita bhabhi

27.1 Scene of the fucking from behind Shobha thru the door.
27.2 View from floor of compartment of Jai fucking Savita, his hands on her waist. We can see Savita’s boobs hanging. Savita saying “Why don’t we turn around and you fuck me from front now” — “I want to feel your dick completely inside me!”
27.3 View from Jai’s eyes. Savita sitting on the seat with one leg on it. Her legs spread and pussy exposed. She is looking at the camera and saying “Jai, come and lie on top of me and fuck my pussy” — “Push your dick in as deep as you can”
27.4 View of Jai on top of Savita. Both lying on the seat. Jai kissing Savita. Jai thinking “Man, her body is so smooth. Her soft breasts pressing against me feels amazing”

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