Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

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savita bhabhi

5.1 Closeup of Savita with her eyes wide open looking shocked. A train is in the background. Loud whistle from the train.
5.2 View of all three on the platform with the train coming in behind them. All of them looking at the train. Shobha says “Here’s our train” –“Lets find our booth, hurry!” More ppl on the platform including a coolie.
5.3 Shobha and Savita in the train compartment. Savita is puting a bag in the upper berth. She is streched comletely and we can see her exposed midriff. Shobha looking at her and saying “Looks like we are the only passengers in this compartment”
5.4 View from outside the train thru the window. Shobha looking at Savita saying “I saw one of my friends in the compartment Mr. Shivraj got into” –“I’ll just go and say hello to her, be back soon”

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