Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

Page 8

savita bhabhi

8.1 Narrators box : Forty minutes later. Meghna yawning. Says “Hmm, I’m sleepy. I think we better get back to our compartment now” Shobha looking at her with a sad face “Oh, don’t go so soon. I thght we could chat a bit”
8.2 Savita looking at Shobha “Shobha, why don’t you go with the girls to their compartment, you can sleep and chat” — “Jai can sleep in your berth”
8.3 Jai looking at Savita with a surprised look on his face. Shobha with a big smile saying “Yes, that a great idea. Lets go girls”
8.4 View of the compartment. We can see the last of the girls leaving thru the door with her back visible. Savita looking at Jai with a seductive look asks “So Jai, how do you like to sleep. On the top or at the bottom?”

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