Comics or animation of Indian origin primarily featuring Indian sexuality.

Page 9

savita bhabhi

9.1 Jai looking shocked stamers “Huh? Me… uh…”
9.2 Savita looking at him with a naughty smile “Oh, I just mean which berth do you want to sleep in? The top one or bottom?” — “You seem to be so shy around girls!”
9.3 Savita and Jai looking at each other. Savita asking with a naughty look on her face giving him a good show of her cleavage “Don’t you have a girlfriend?” Jai with a shy look on his face answers “Not yet”
9.4 Savita says “Oh! So you’re still a virgin?” Jai looking down at Savita’s cleavage answers “Hmmm.. yes”
9.5 Savita laughing “Ha ha, thats so cute”

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