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savita bhabhi

13.1 Savita now looking at Jai with a sweet smile. Her hands are holding his face towards hers. Says “Would you like to undress me Jai?” — “Let me show you how”
13.2 Savita turns around and looking backwards at Jai. She says “Take off the hooks of my blouse first”
13.3 Jai has taken off the first hook and his hand is on the second. We can see Savita’s bra strap on her back now. Savita saying “Good boy. Now unhook my bra”
13.4 Top view. Savita’s blouse is open completely from the back and Jai has just opened her bra too. Her back is now completely exposed. The sari is pushed to one side on her soulder. Savita saying “You can take it off completely now Jai!”

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