Page 16

savita bhabhi

16.1 Jai still looking sad. Savita has moved her sari away and exposing a little of one breast and nipple. She is looking at him “Oh, don’t be sad.” — “Here, will you be happy if I show you a bit of this?”
16.2 Jai with his eyes wide open lunges forward to touch her breast. Savita’s hand blocking/holding him. She says “Na na. What did I tell you.” — “Have some patience”
16.3 Savita now holding her sari out and revealing both her breasts. Savita says “If you behave, you will get to touch both these!”
16.4 View of Jai from Savita’s eyes. He is moaning “Ahhhh… I can’t control myself”.His dick is inside his pants now. But his zipper is open and we can see his underwear and bulge of his dick. His hands are inside his underwear jacking off his dick.

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