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savita bhabhi

19.1 Jai saying “I watch videos on a website” — “I like the videos of women playing with themselves”
19.2 Jai looking at Savita still with his hand on his dick. Savita pressing her boobs now asks “Like this? You like to watch me playing with my boobs?””
19.3 Jai now looking at Savitas crotch area “Yes, but they also play with themselves down there” Scene should be drawn in such a way that the camera is near Savitas pussy. So we can see a closeup of Savitas crotch area and Jai looking at it.
19.4 Savita smiling mischeviously “Hmm naughty boy, so you want to see your bhabhi play with her pussy now.”
19.5 Jai jacking off eyes wide saying “Yes please…”

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