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savita bhabhi

20.1 Savita looking at Jai with a seductive look. Says “Hmmm, not so fast dear. First let me teach you how to get a woman wet” — (connected to dialougue in 20.2)
20.2 Savita pressing her boobs to make her nipples stick out. Saying — “and that starts right here. Come here and suck on my nipples”
20.3 Jai holding Savita’s breast in his hand and his tongue is on her nipple. Savita saying “Yesssss. Use your tongue on it Jai, lick it nicely”
20.4 Different angle of Jai sucking on Savitas nipples. Savita with an ecstatic look on her face saying “Oh! Its making my pussy so wettt”

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