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savita bhabhi

25.1 Savita with cum on her face and her boobs. Saying “Wow, that was a lot of cum Jai!” — “But I’m still horny. We need to get that big dick of yours hard again my dear”
25.2 Savita turns around leaning on the seat with her hands and posing doggy style showing off her ass to Jai. Her head is turned looking backwards at him and saying “Maybe you would like some of this. Would you Jai?” — “Would you like to fuck your bhabhi like this?”
25.3 Jai looking at Savita. He is looking down on his dick in surprise. His dick has become hard again. Says “Seeing you like this is too hot” — “My dick has never become hard again so fast!!!”
25.4 Jai holding Savita on her waist and guiding his dick in her pussy. Just the tip of his dick is inside her pussy. Savita eyes closed saying “Yeah, I can feel it.” — “Push it in, push it in deep”

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