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savita bhabhi

29.1 Savita’s face and boobs now. Savita saying “Yess, I’m on the edge too. Just a few more strokes…” — “Yes, yes… I’m almost there!”
29.2 Scene of the fucking. Savita eyes closed shouting “Mmmmmmppppphh”. Jai shouting “Ahhhhhhhhh…”
29.3 Jai now slumped on top of Savita. Savita has her fingers running thru his hair, looking at him and smiling. Jai saying “That was the most amazing experience of my life”
29.4 View of Shobha at the door. Her hands are now on her boobs and inside her pants. She has a look of exterme satisfaction on her face, eyes slightly closed. Shobha thinking “Mine too!!”

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