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savita bhabhi

3.1 Shivraj ogling at Savita’s breasts says ‘It’s a very romantic place. You two beautiful ladies going there alone?”
3.2 Savita looking away “No, not…” Shobha saying “Yes, just the two of us! Oh it will be fun to travel together. We’ll have so much fun!”
3.3 Savita looking at Shobha angrily thinking “Oh! This girl is so naive!” Shivraj is still ogling at Savita “Yes, lots of fun”. Shobha is still smiling and looking at Shivraj.
3.4 Savita looking at Shivraj with an irritated look on her face. He is still ogling at her. Savita thinking “I can just imagine what this fellow is thinking about right now!” Thought bubble of Savita standing with only her blouse and ghagra. Her blouse is unbuttoned with one of her nipples slighty being shown.

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