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savita bhabhi

2.1 Narrators box “One week later”
Railway station platform. Savita and the virgin girl(Shobha) are standing with two small suitcases each. People around them. Shobha saying to Savita “Thank you so much for inviting me along on this trip! We are going to have so much fun!” A middle aged man (Shivraj) is looking at them intently.
2.2 Shivraj comes up to them and says “Excuse me! Aren’t you the winner of that beauty contest?” –“You are Savita, right?” Savita and Shobha looking at him surpised.
2.3 Shobha looking excited says “Yes yes! Thats her. In fact we are on our way to a hill station resort now which was the contest prize!” Savita rolling her eyes looking slightly irritated.
2.4 Shivraj with a dirty smile on his face saying “Oh! I am going there too. Maybe we are on the same train”