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savita bhabhi

30.1 Savita lying naked on the lower berth. Jai is sitting down near her waist. His hands are carresing her stomach. We can see his cock limp and soft now. Savita looking at him and saying “You better get dressed and go to sleep in your upper berth now” — “We don’t want your sister walking in and finding us like this”
30.2 Jai looking at her and winking “Oh, I don’t think she would mind” — “There are some things about her only I know!” Savita looking at him surprised.
30.3 Shobha walking back to her compartment. We can see the one of the girls and Jairaj sleeping in the two lower berths. She is thinking “I don’t need that blanket now. Watching Bhabhi fuck Jai has got me hot enough!”
30.4 Shobha’s face smiling and thinking. “I’ve got a lot of things to learn from Savita Bhabhi” — “She has surely turned this Express into a Sexpress!!”